Service Bundles

Need a Tow. 

Call us 24/7 we're always open no membership needed and no need to download  and app. 

we can tow your vehicle to the local shop that you want or we also have long distance towing available.

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Reliable Support

We can jump start your dead battery and check for any issues in no time so you can be back on the road safe. 

If your battery is too bad our professional technician will may help you getting a new one and installed for a discounted price. 

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Tire Change

Have a flat tire and don't know what to do?

Don't put your self in risk. Thousands of people die on the road every year trying to perform a tire change.

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Tire Change 

We will replace your tire if have a spare on your vehicle and get you back on the road safe in the less time possible. 

weather conditions may delay the service and performance.

Gas Delivery

if you run out of fuel we will bring you gas or diesel to get you back on the road and so you can make it to a gas service station close to you. 


our service provider will always perform a visual inspection of your vehicle before leaving to avoid future accidents on the road. 

Service Providers Join us anytime we work the 48 states.

Work With Us

Benny has been working with the company since 2010 and care about your safety on the road and your family

Benny Fitz

Vice President

Antonio has been the National sales rep since 2012 performing good service between provider and client


Antonio Franco

Hugh from Ohio has joined Rescue over the past few years and help to overcome and establish good financial status between or providers and company.

Hugh Canduit

Chief Financial Advisor


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